10 most popular health questions on Google years 2019

10 most popular health questions on Google years 2019

10 most popular health questions on Google years 2019

All you can find on Google, including answers to almost all health problems. Most people are even more often asked "Dr. Google" than a real doctor at the clinic or hospital.

Google also recently released 10 most frequently searched health questions throughout the year 2019. Although the base is Google users in the Americas, these questions are also often asked by Google users around the world.

What are the ten questions? And how does Dr. Google answer? Here we go.

1. How to lower blood pressure?
High blood became the most sought after disease in Google throughout the year 2019. This disease suffered a person when his blood pressure exceeded 140/80 mmHg. Whereas normal blood pressure only ranges from 90/80 mmHg to 120/80 mmHg.

As for how to lower blood pressure according to Dr. Google among them by losing weight, actively exercising, reduce salt consumption, try to avoid stress, quit smoking, and reduce consumption of caffeine.

2. What is a keto diet?
The Keto Diet became the second most popular health topic asked by Netizen to Dr. Google throughout the years 2019. Keto itself is a diet that is done by applying high-fat and low-carbohydrate eating patterns.

Keto is included in one of the most risky types of diets due to too much fat consumption than proteins and carbohydrates. Therefore, make sure you've learned it as detailed as possible before trying out this popular diet.

3. How do I remove hiccups?
Hiccups may be a trivial problem, but everyone must have experienced it. Of course people will choose to find out how to eliminate the hiccups on Google rather than to the doctor during the hiccups it hasn't been a severe.

Among the ways to remove the hiccups is by drinking cold water little by little, holding a short breath, biting a lemon and swallowing a grain of sugar or a little vinegar.

4. How long does the flu take?
Just like hiccups, everyone must have been exposed to the flu too. The duration certainly varies. Some heal in a few days, but some can take up to 3-4 weeks.

Flu in a long span of time can be an indication of a more complex disease. Therefore, you should immediately see a doctor if you do not get rid of the flu even after one week.

5. What causes hiccups?
Still around hiccups. Apparently curious about how to eliminate hiccups, Netizen also quite curious about the cause of hiccups.

Hiccups are essentially irritated diaphragm which results in air coming out of the throat. This condition can be triggered by several factors, such as eating too much, excessive alcohol consumption, anxiety, up to side effects of certain types of drug use.

But the hiccup is a very commonplace phenomenon, so it often happens without being triggered by the above factors.

6. What causes kidney stones?
Kidney stones can occur due to genetic factors when there is a history of kidney stone disease in the family lineage.

Kidney stones can also occur due to metabolic problems, such as dehydration, poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption and obesity.

7. What is HPV?
HPV stands for Human Papilloma Virus (Human Papiloma Virus). HPV belongs to sexually transmitted diseases (PMS) and includes the most common types of PMS.

HPV infection in the human body can encourage the formation of cancer cells in the cervix or mouth and can spread through sexual contact.

8. How to lower cholesterol?
Cholesterol turned out not just the problem of Indonesians, but also the problem of people all over the world. The evidence of a search on how to lower cholesterol is included in this popular list.

How to lower cholesterol between them by changing lifestyles, improving diet, doing sports and meditation.

9. How many calories do I need in a day?
This question shows the tendency of people to pay attention to the Nutiri's intake. This trend is certainly very positive and encourages the popularity of healthy lifestyles.

Unfortunately there is no definitive answer to this question considering that calorie needs are highly dependent on age, body type, and daily activity.

10. How long does alcohol persist in the human body?
Liver organs can process alcohol in a matter of hours. But the compound with the effect will remain in the body up to 80 hours.

That's the 10 most popular health questions asked on Google during 2019. Although Dr. Google is impressed to know everything, the role of doctors in the real world will certainly not be replaced.

In the end, only the doctor actually can do the diagnosis and determine the best step for each of our health problems.

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