5 Food for Natural Anti-Aging, a Paprika that makes skin toned;

5 Food for Natural Anti-Aging, a Paprika that makes skin toned

5 Food for Natural Anti-Aging, a Paprika that makes skin toned

Premature aging is a skin problem that most people care about. Reported from Medanta, there are some foods that you can consume as a natural anti aging. These foods provide a natural treatment effect to prevent skin aging.

The content of fatty acids, vitamin C, to vitamin E found in this food is needed skin. For you who have skin problems wrinkled, dry and breakouts, need to eat this food. Here are some foods that overcome premature aging.

1. Salmon and mackerel
Salmon and high mackerel will be the levels of omega-3 fatty acids that maintain the health of your skin. This substance keeps the skin supple, moist, and prevents pimples from nesting in the skin. Fish is also rich in vitamin E that nourish the skin healthy and anti-inflammatory. Protein and zinc in salmon and mackarel strengthen skin and increase the production of new skin cells.

2. Walnuts
Walnuts can be consumed as a healthy snack, you know. This nut has a fairly high fatty acid content. As an early anti-aging meal, walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 that naturally cannot be produced by the body.

Both of these substances are instrumental in healing wounds and combating bacteria. Walnuts can nourish the skin with the content of zinc, vitamin E, selenium, and protein that the skin needs to stay youthful.

3. Oat
Oats can be consumed for you who want a wrinkle-free skin and acne. Oats have a low glycemic rate, so it does not cause irritable skin and breakouts. In addition, oats are soothing skin and can inhibit the destruction of skin cells.

According to Dermatocare, oats made of wheat contain antioxidants to prevent skin damage caused by UV rays, pollution and harmful chemicals. Oats can also be used as a natural facial wash.

4. Red peppers
Red peppers need to be consumed to increase collagen production. The red color of paprika contains a carotenoid that is rich in antioxidants. Taking peppers can slow down premature aging, so your skin is not easily wrinkled.

According to Mydomaine, beta carotene in peppers can flatten the skin and limit the production of melanin. To protect the skin from pollution and harmful exposure, the anti-inflammatory substances conceived by peppers make your skin healthy. 

5. The Pomegranate
In addition to paprika, pomegranate has the benefit of retaining the collagen that the body needs. Dry skin problems and premature aging can be prevented by consuming pomegranates.

According to The Health Site, vitamin C plays an important role in producing collagen. Anti-Ageing in pomegranates keeps your skin healthy and moist. Inflammation of the skin like acne can be prevented by the vitamin C contained in the pomegranate fruit. 

Well, that's the food you need to consume for the skin to avoid premature aging. From now on, keep your skin healthy, yes!

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