7 positive benefits of listening to music for health, how often?

7 positive benefits of listening to music for health, how often?

7 positive benefits of listening to music for health, how often?

Ever feel calm when listening to instrumental music-Ala bookstores? That is one example of the impact of music on your mental health.

There are still many other benefits of excellent music effect. Here are 7 positive music benefits for health. Read this article Yes!

1. Become Mood Booster
When you're in need of a boost in activity, try listening to your favorite music with a high volume of 10 minutes. This will trigger an emotional spirit because the brain will release dopamine, the neurotransmitter that leads to increased feelings of happiness.

2. Reduce stress
If you're experiencing stress, try to lie down and grab your earphones. Spin the soothing jazz instrumental music, then imagine you're sleeping on a boat with a beautiful, green landscape. Inhale as deep as possible and slowly spew through the mouth.

3. Strengthening memory
Research has shown that repeated elements of rhythm and melody help the brain form a pattern that enhances memory. Quoted from gethealthystayhealthy.com, in a study, listening to music helps stroke sufferers improve verbal memory, reduce confusion, and attention become increasingly focused.

4. Improve IQ and academic skills
There is a study showing that music can improve academic performance and high IQ value in children. Quoted from liveforlivemusic.com, the study was surveying a group of 6-year-old children who took keyboard or vocal lessons in a small group for 36 weeks. The results showed that they had a greater increase in IQ than children who were taking other extracurricular activities unrelated to music.

5. Improve sleep quality
Many people suffer from insomnia or other difficult sleep disorders. This can be a serious problem if it lacks sleep. Quoted from liveforlivemusic.com, a study suggests that listening to classical or relaxing music within an hour before bedtime could significantly improve sleep quality.

6. Relieve Pain
Reported from Gethealthystayhealthy, in studies examining patients with Pascapulih's surgery, those who listened to music before, during, or after surgery had fewer pains. In addition, they feel comfortable throughout the body compared to patients who do not listen to music as part of their treatment.

7. Has a positive influence for the heart
Music has a small but positive impact on cardiovascular health. Quoted from Cardiosmart, research shows that compared to silence, music tends to increase heart rate and accelerate breathing.

For you who like Lucky music really because there are many positive effects. Yup, that's some music benefits for health. What do you think about music and health relationships? Write your opinion in the comments field Yes!

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