10 Surprisingly Easy Tips to Clear Your Acne Forever

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Everyone suffers from having acne at some point in their life. Of course, you would like to get rid of it, and there is ways to naturally do so. What acne is, is a skin condition due to excessive production of oil from the oil glands in the skin. This usually occurs during adolescence, however, can happen to people of all ages. Acne can be caused by diet, hormones, and even heredity. Dermatologists can help you when treating acne, however, sometimes it is better to try natural methods rather than pills. There are plenty of natural methods to cure acne, such as the following:

1. Drink plenty of water, as it keeps your body and your skin healthy.
2. Before you go to bed at night, drink a glass of water because your body gets dehydrated when you are asleep.
3. Certain drinks such as fruit juices and green tea help out in getting rid of acne.
4. Leafy green vegetables freshen up the body, which can help cure acne.
5. Vitamin E is important for your skin as it keeps your skin healthy, and prevents acne.
6. Avoiding stress and staying calm helps get rid of acne
7. Before you take a shower, rub a mixture of tomato pulp and rose water on your face. Leave this on for about twenty minutes and then wash your face.
8. Yoga also helps cure acne because it keeps you calm and stress-free.
9. Avoid wearing a lot of make up, and use natural products when possible.
10. Keep your hair away from your face, and don't pick your pimples.

No one wants to have acne, and there are methods to get rid of it. Many dermatologists prescribe pills and creams that help prevent acne, however, natural cures can be just as, if not more effective. All your body needs is a health diet and healthy skin. Carrots have vitamin A which keeps your skin healthy, so try to eat them every day. Changing your pillow case often is also beneficial as it prevents you from spreading the oil on your hair to your face. These methods all can work in preventing acne, and are natural so they aren't bad for your body.

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