5 Tips for Mother's Day Trips

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As Mother's Day rolls around, you've probably seen a lot of hotels putting out great deals, such as the discounted rates of Discovery Suites in Pasig City, which also comes with pampering packages and the like. But before you pack your bags and treat your mom to a Mother's Day getaway, be sure to remember these tips.

1. Pick a destination that's suitable for this time of the year.
Granted, the month of May is a great time to travel to a lot of places in the world, as it's summer in the tropics and spring in temperate regions. Yet it is one of the few months that's perfect for traveling to Southeast Asian destinations such as the Philippines, for it's the last month before the rainy season starts.

2. Skip the long trip if you're going back to work on Monday.
Since Mother's Day falls on a Sunday, it's better to consider shorter trips to nearby destinations if you don't plan on missing work in the following days. Not only will moms be spared from the repetitive "Are we there yet?" question asked by kids during a long car ride, but the spouse or older children won't show up at work on Monday exhausted. A great alternative would be just staying at a hotel inside the city and getting the pampering that you deserve, without being too far from the conveniences of modern living.

3. Check if your room deal allows kids, and if the hotel has the necessary accommodation for them.
For moms with small kids, it's already stressful to bring your kids on a trip, especially if it's a long plane or car ride. Imagine the frustration when they get to the hotel and discover that they'll be charged extra for their kids. So, before making a reservation, make sure that the room you're getting allows kids to stay for free. Thankfully many hotels, such as the Discovery Suites Manila, allow kids to stay in the room for free provided they stay on the existing bedding. On that note, you should also consider if the rates include breakfast for your kids, or if you'd have to pay extra again.

4. Consider the hotel's definition of "child."
This is strongly related to the first tip, as some hotels consider kids as anybody below the age of 3, while some define adults as ages 12 and above. This is to prevent you from getting charged extra over a misunderstanding of the hotel's policies.

5. Take advantage of the special deals for the day itself.
Of course, the day won't be complete with these kinds of promos, and surely you've seen some of them. And it not only extends to accommodation, as spas or restaurants also offer deals. So, before you choose any establishment, check out their website to avail of exclusive offers, like the discounted Discovery Suites rates and pampering packages for Mother's Day.

Clara Buenconsejo is an avid traveler and freelance writer for different travel websites, creating city guides and how-to articles for commuting in different parts of the world. She graduated with a degree in creative writing just a few years ago. Her life mission is to set foot on at least 6 out of 7 continents.

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