Acne Myths - 5 Acne Myths Finally Busted

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Acne myths are common place because acne existed way before there any decent treatments available. In more recent times scientists are learning more and more about the actual cause and how to combat it. In amongst what we know as fact many people still believe the myths created long ago. There are five of those acne myths below.

1: Acne is only skin deep

Acne causes much more than skin problems. The resulting emotional problems can lead to low self-esteem and often depression. which in the worst of cases even leads to suicide. This is one of those myths that should be true.

2: Bad personal hygiene causes acne

Bad personal hygiene is definitely not a cause of acne. The skin infections that are associated with acne often start with pores clogged up by dead skin and excessive oil produced by the skin but this isn't a sign of bad hygiene. Cleaning the face twice daily to keep the oil to a minimum and to wash away all of the dead cells will help keep the skin healthy but don't scrub too aggressively or you could make matters worse.

3: Certain foods cause acne whilst others prevent it

While it is true that your diet can affect your acne there has been no scientific evidence to prove that certain foods cause and prevent acne. So if you're thinking of stopping eating chocolate and potato chips to cure your acne, there's no need. A poor diet in general with high levels of fats, sugars and artificial additives can cause the condition to worsen and in some cases cause it. Unless you're thinking of trying a vegan diet any changes to eating probably won't make much difference to your skin condition. As far as acne myths go this may be one of the best because you don't have to give up the chocolate.

4: You need to let your acne run it's course

This simply isn't true, there are many acne treatments, ranging from over-the-counter medicines, to light therapy, to alternative medicine and all sorts of machines designed to help you rid yourself of it. Not all remedies will work for everyone so a bit of trial and error is needed.

5: The more medicine you take to more powerful it'll be

Medicines are dangerous, you should always read and abide by the instructions because they're there for a reason. External skin care medicines can literally burn if too much is applied and with oral medicines, just like all medicines, overdoses can be fatal in worst cases so you've been warned. If you try a type of medicine and it doesn't work move on to the next one until you find something that does work.

If you'd like to know more about acne myths and real cures visit the links below. To conclude here are the 5 acne myths busted, acne can cause lasting damage to self-esteem and lead to depression. Bad personal hygiene is not a cause of acne. Specific foods can't cause acne but a diet high in fats, sugars and artificial additives can contribute to the condition. There are many acne treatments to choose from on the market you don't need to let it run its course and finally always read the label and follow the instructions when using any kind of acne treatment.

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