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Passport covers were initially simple cases to protect this very important travel document. But today, they come in different designs to serve your other preferences and requirements. To help you choose which would be the best type for your travel, here's a glimpse of what you'll see in the market.

You use your passport for a number of years. In some countries, it is renewed after 10 years only. It is the basic document that you need if you want to travel. You can't go to another country if you don't have one. Also, it provides a valid identification for important personal and business matters. The classic cover designs were made to help you make your passport usable for the whole period of its validity. It's a protective case to prevent your passport from being ruined by water, dirt, or other elements. The classic covers are usually made of plastic, real leather, or synthetic leather. Like a book cover, you just need to slip the front and back edges of your passport in the pockets of the cover and you'll be ready to go.

This design now comes in various versions. Leather passport covers usually come in basic colors - black, brown, and blue. Some are even made as corporate gifts for executives. Others use bright colors, eye-catching designs, and bold prints not just to make a fashion statement, but also to help you find it easily in your bag when in front of the immigration counter.

A slightly bigger version of the classic design has pockets for important business and credit cards and some cash. It also usually has a pocket with a clear plastic window that's made for your identification card. It is small enough to be carried in a small purse or your jacket pocket.

For other business and leisure travelers, however, a travel wallet or organizer is more convenient and wiser than the very basic cover design. It is built with pockets and compartments to hold your tickets, hotel reservations, and other necessary travel documents. Especially if you're going to several destinations, this travel accessory can help you organize everything. Choose one that's made compact that you can still easily slip it in your coat's pocket. You can find these organizers in businesslike designs or in fun prints and hues. Some luggage manufacturers produce ones that match travel bags.

Whether you choose the very basic passport cover design or the more sophisticated travel organizer, make sure you keep it secure at all times during your travel. Always have your documents close to you. The inside breast pocket of your jacket is the best place to keep them. You can also put them in your carry-on bag, but always keep your bag close to your body.

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