Best Lip Pimple Treatment Tips

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A lip pimple is the worst. It really hurts and you can't really squeeze it, because it hurts even more. To make matters worse, sometimes they make your mouth look swollen and they can be mistaken for cold sores.

I'm going to talk to you all for a bit about how to take care of these pesky spots.

I've tried several different acne treatment regimens. I have gone through so many of the store products and thrown away my money because they just don't work.

Some products will work a lip pimple as well as other acne, so don't give up hope. I'm going to talk about what I use, but make sure to experiment with similar products using the same treatment methods I use for clear skin.

Ok, now on to what I do when I get a lip pimple.

First off, do not squeeze the lip pimple. What will happen is that the spot will get more inflamed and more painful. It may also become more swollen and visible to others.

Do you use any products for your lips? Did you know that a lot of products that have petrolatum are actually known to clog pores and cause a lip pimple? I wouldn't say that this is a hard and fast rule, because every person is allergic to different things. Just be aware that Chapstick, Vasoline, etc, might be clogging your pores.

Once I see a lip pimple coming, I wash my face as I normally would. A real trick that I found from lots and lots of trial and error with products is Calamine lotion. It has a drying agent in it, but it doesn't irritate my skin. Try it out, but follow these helpful tips:

1. Don't put it on all of your skin. The drying agent will do a number on your skin if you do it every day. Instead, use it as a spot treatment.

2. Make sure to use the pink solution, not the clear one. Some people rave about the clear solution, because you can use it during the day when you go out in public. When I used it for myself, however, it didn't help as near as much as drying my pimples up and seemed to prolong the time it took a lip pimple to heal.

3. Calamine can be very messy and runny. Make sure to only put a dab on the pimple, because it will dribble down your face otherwise.

Leave the Calamine lotion on the spot overnight, and it should be dried up somewhat. Some people claim that it dries it up significantly, so give it a try.

Calamine lotion is readily available in the first aid section of stores like Walmart and Target and is very cheap.

I hope this method helps you, because it really has helped me a lot for treating a lip pimple and all of my other pimples too. My skin is clear most of the time, because of the different holistic treatment techniques that I use. By holistic, I mean that I try to use the most natural products as possible. I don't use any products recommended for acne, because I find that they all make me break out in the long run.

Please check out my resource box below for further information on what to use for a lip pimple and all other types of pimples. Good luck on your journey toward clear skin!

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