Clear Your Face And Mind With Treatment For Acne

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Trying to find the right treatment for acne? It can be hard to separate the gimmicks from the real medicine, but it is important to know the right way to treat your acne, since treating your acne incorrectly can make it even worse, and even lead to scarring. Not all acne is the same, though, so it is important to treat the type of acne that you have.

Cystic Acne:

The most painful acne is cystic acne. Cystic acne is when your face or body has pus filled cysts, which can be painful. They may be large, and have white tops, which are filled with liquid pus. While it is tempting to use your fingers to squeeze the cyst, or zit as they are often called, this is a treatment for acne that can be problematic. The pus in the top of the cyst is filled with bacteria, and when you squeeze it, you may push some bacteria back into your body and cause an infection as well as scarring. Instead, to remove the cyst, bring the pus as far to the surface as possible by wetting a washcloth in hot water, and holding it to the cyst for several minutes. Wrap your pointer fingers in toilet paper and use your knuckles to gently apply pressure to the cyst. If it pops, then carefully wipe up the mess, and apply salicylic acid (found in most over the counter acne medications) to the spot. If it does not pop easily, wet the washcloth with hot water again, and hold it to cyst for several minutes, and try again. Repeat as is needed.


Less painful than cystic acne, but just as annoying, are blackheads. Blackheads are another term for when your pores appear enlarged due to oil, dirt, and other hardened material, like make up that was not properly removed. They appear black because they are exposed to oxygen. Again, it is tempting to simply dig in with your fingernails to remove blackheads, but this can force the dirt and bacteria deeper which will cause an infection and scarring. Instead, use a Blemish Extractor Tool. These metal instruments have a small metal loop at the end of a handle, which you will place over the blackhead, and gently apply pressure to the skin around the blackhead. This will force the blackhead to the surface, and out of your skin.

Other Cysts:

For acne cysts that are not pus filled, but instead are solid without a white top, there is a new tool called the Zeno. This electronic device sends a concentrated heat wave into the acne cyst and kills the bacteria that is inflaming your skin. Once that bacteria is dead, the inflammation will be reduced, leading to a reduced appearance of the acne cyst as well.

When trying to find the right treatment for your acne, remember to be careful not to worsen the acne or cause an infection by carelessly picking at the cyst.

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