Good Habits to Prevent Acne From Coming Back

10 Things to Stop Doing When You Have Acne
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Getting rid of acne as you may already know it's not an easy thing. If you successfully got rid of yours, you have to be one of the happiest persons on earth right now. But you have to be aware of the fact that acne can return at your skin very easily. So what you need to do is to prevent acne from coming back.

In order to avoid getting acne again you have to keep your pores unclogged and uninfected by bacteria. You can do that by applying the following habits in your everyday life:

1 - Cleansing of your skin:
Even after getting rid of your acne you have to maintain a proper cleansing of your skin. Wash your skin one or two times everyday with an oil-free mild soap cleanser. Doing that, will keep your pores open and will wash away the toxins from your skin's surface.

2 - Diet:
Preventing acne can also be done with an appropriate diet. You have to avoid consumption of high glycemic foods, soda, caffeine and fats which are known to cause acne. Instead of them you must eat many fruits and vegetables which will help your body detoxifying correctly. Also drinking a lot of water is a must so as to keep your skin hydrated.

3 - Keep your hair away of your face:
Gels and hair sprays which are used in our hair can also cause irritation of the skin and acne. So you keep your hair away of your face so as to avoid any contact with such hair products.

4 - Avoid touching your face:
Another habit you have to apply is avoiding touching your face especially with dirty hands because you may transfer bacteria which may cause acne.

5 - Shower after exercise:
If you want to prevent getting acne again especially in your body you certainly have to hit the shower after every time you exercise. Exercising makes you sweat, so you need to wash off the dirt, oil and bacteria that may lead to acne.

The things mentioned above can really help you prevent acne from coming back. Take a good look on them because you certainly don't want to face acne again. Remember that there are also many other good habits which you have to apply in your life such as sleeping well, avoiding stress etc which may also prevent acne. You may also consult your doctor or do more research on the internet for more information.

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