How Can I Stop This Horrible Acne?

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Acne problems can be linked to hormones or to be more precise to the masculinising hormones called the androgens. This then results in the excessive secretion and the blockage of the pores on the skin and in the process leads to the development of inflamed spots of acne. As the acne-causing bacteria continue to proliferate, the oil-rich environment in the skin will be inflamed and this then becomes the site for red pimples, pustules and lumps. With this in mind, the one proper way of treating acne is to interrupt the progression of acne from its initial phase to active acne development. That kind of treatment where hormone activity will be interrupted is known as hormonal acne treatment.

What is referred to as the hormonal acne treatment requires the preparation and the intake of oral contraceptives like Diane-35, Tri-Cycle, Alesse and Yasmin. There is also a non-contraceptive anti-androgen called spinolactone. These drugs are all oral contraceptives that contain estrogen and progestin that can directly affect how much androgen can be produced by the body.

There are many ways why estrogen may work in order to improve acne. One way can be linked to the decreased production of adrenal DHEA-S and the ovarian androgens. Estrogen may also inhibit the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase and this also leads to the reduction of DHT levels, and finally the can lead to SHBG increase which can reduce the levels of testosterone. As mentioned the currently available OCs in the market include the Diane 35, Alesse, Tri-Cyclen and Yasmin. Diane 35 is effective in reducing the androgenic hormone levels. This is not available in the US right now but there is a new oral contraceptive that contains the progestin drospirone that is now available in the market and this is considered as the drug with fewer side effects if compared to the Diane 35/Dianette. These two drugs can be used when the blood test of the patient will suggest that she has an abnormal level of androgens.

The use of these OCs through hormonal acne treatment is most effective and recommended for women. And these OCs are best as an additional therapy with topical agents for women who experience mild to non-scarring acne who also desires oral contraception. These oral contraceptives can be used as well as a primary therapy in the moderate and the non-scarring type of acne and can be used as well in combination with topical therapy and systemic antibiotics. These OCs can be best used as well for the scarring type and the more severe form of inflammatory acne.

Hormonal acne treatment through the use of these OCs is effective and this is validated by research. Based on clinical studies, for those treated through hormonal acne treatment with Tricyclen and Alesse the acne spots were reduced by 40 to 50 percent in a span of six months. Hormonal acne treatment has some side effects as well and these side effects are common to almost all oral contraceptive preparations. Some of these side effects include breast tenderness, headache and nausea.

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