How To Get Clear Skin In A Week - Maybe Faster

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How to get clear skin in a week may be a question that is on your mind. It's a doable goal and one that you may want to try. If you decide to go for it -- you'll need a bit of determination and consistency.

If you want clear skin, it's best to start with your diet. Drink less soda and more water. For your deserts -- have an apple or an orange. Load up on great tasting vegetables -- like cabbage, broccoli, or asparagus. For your protein requirements eat lean meats like turkey or chicken. Another good protein choice is salmon or tuna.

Next treat your skin right. Wash your face twice a day. Use a cleanser specific to your skin type. Use a cleanser made for oily skin -- if your skin is oily. And a mild cleanser for dry skin -- followed by an application of moisturizer.

Keep your hair clean and off your face. Wash your hands frequently -- you don't want to spread bacteria over your face. Avoid touching your face -- and picking at your pimples.

Wash your bed sheets, pillow cases and clothes, with a hypoallergenic laundry detergent. It helps minimize inflamed skin due to allergic reactions from residue left on your clothes and bed coverings.

Apply a strong sunscreen to protect against the damage to your skin from the sun's ultraviolet rays. Limit your sunbathing to a minimum -- you may like the tan you get -- but it's damaging to your skin.

Try to limit your stress level -- take frequent breaks throughout the day -- you need quiet time to collect your thoughts.

Try to wind down from the day's activities before you go to bed -- so you can get a restful night's sleep -- sleep is so necessary for healthy skin -- and a healthy body too.

You'll want to get clear skin fast -- and also have it clear for a lifetime -- so be consistent with your efforts.

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