How to Save Big Money on Your Disney Vacation

10 Ways To Save BIG On Your Walt Disney World Resort Vacation
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A Family Vacation at Disney World can be expensive unless you know how to save on these big vacation items.

Here are the top five ways to save BIG money at Disney!

Book Your Disney Vacation Early to Take Advance of Special Discount Offers (Savings $850+ for a week vacation) - Disney has season's and planning early allows you to take advantage of slower seasons at Disney World. You can save 30-40% on Disney Resort rooms or even get your meals during your vacation for Free, by booking a Disney Free Dining offer. These offers come out during slow times at Disney World. You also have the added advantage of lighter crowds and shorter wait times during these off season dates. One of the best times to visit Disney World is during September and October. Great savings can be found during these months, lighter park crowd levels, nice cool weather and special events like Disney's Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom.

Research the Disney Dining Plan (Savings $400+ for a week) - The Disney Dining Plan covers your meals and snacks at the Disney World Resort. This gets you a saving on your dining, but you need to make sure this is the right fit for your family. There are several plans to choose from but by far the most popular is called The Base Meal Plan. Under the base plan you'll get one table-service credit, one counter-service credit, and one snack per person for each night of your stay. For the table-service meal under the base plan, you'll get an entree, a non-alcoholic drink, and a dessert. This plan also comes with a refillable drink mug.

Use Fast Pass (Savings Time is Money) - It's hard to put a dollar value to Disney's Fast Pass system, but using this system allows you to get front of the line access to the most popular rides and attractions at Disney World. Use your Park ticket to get a reservation at the Fast Pass rides at the park you are visiting that day. You will be assigned a ride time (window) to return between for your reservation. Just show up during that time slot and you by pass the stand by line and take the Fast Pass lane to the front of the line. Now Front of the line still could have a 10 minute wait or so, but that beats waiting two hours for Toy Story Midway Mania.

Buy Muli-Day Park tickets (Savings $500+ for a week) - You can add extra days to your Disney park passes and save loads of money. A one day park ticket at Disney World is $90.53, but adding additional days from your fourth day on is only $8 per day. That $8 gets you a full day of fun at one of Disney's parks: the Magic Kingdom, or EPCOT, or Disney Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom.

Disney's Magical Express (Saving $100+) - Why pays $50 for a cab one way from Orlando's International Airport to your Disney resort? You can take Disney's Magical Express for free. When you stay at a Walt Disney World Resort your transportation to and from Orlando's Internal Airport (MCO) is free and easy to use. Just hop on the Magical Express bus service and Disney takes care of the rest. Your Magical Express bag tags means you don't even have to pick up your luggage at Baggage claim. Your luggage will magically appear in your room while you are out enjoying the Disney parks.

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