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My vacation dream has always been to visit Surfers Paradise in Australia. The combination of the warm sun, the great food, and the awesome hospitality of the Aussies make it a vacation to plan for. Whether you plan to vacation here as a romantic couple or with the kids, we have you covered. Members wrote in with their favorite food and activities and I made my way through the list and bring them to you. Be sure to tell us how you enjoyed these recommendations for Surfers Paradise.

Surfers Paradise is located on the Gold coast of Australia in Queensland which is in the north region just above New South Wales. On the map, Surfers Paradise sits centrally located on the eastern coast of this wonderful continent. You'll notice the beach is very clean and a lot of fun to visit. The beach is where it's at so don't be upset if you find yourself spending more time here than planned. As you can tell from the name, this is a hotspot for viewing some of the elite surfers (and wave action) on the planet. The beach area has wonderful shopping and restaurant opportunities as well. Our members raved about "QDeck". Go visit QDeck when you spend the day at the beach. Have a drink and an appetizer and gaze 360 degrees around. The restaurant is the highest point in the area and you get 360-degree views from the surf and beyond.

With lots of Asian influence, this area has some fantastic choices for Asian food. Members wrote in about "Wassam" over and over. Members rated it high because of the incredible flavor of the food suggesting you try their "special" fried rice and the scrumptious and fresh from the ocean sushi.

Perhaps you are in the mood for Italian food when you're there. Have a hunkering for some pizza or pasta and meatballs? Don't worry, we have you covered. Head on over to Alfresco. Members raved about the great pizza, stuffed mushrooms, and lively atmosphere.

At night you'll want to dance and meet some of the locals. To sample some of the wonderful local Aussie beers and dance the night away, make your way over to the Beer Garden. Members said the music is loud and the dance floor was quite lively. This might not be your place if you want to sit, relax and talk about the day's events and great sites. If you are looking to have a rocking time, the Beer Garden is your best bet. Be careful, the Aussies love life and have fun. You might not want to leave.

If your "Bucket List" doesn't contain Surfers Paradise, I strongly recommend that you add it. The Aussies are wonderful hosts to vacationers from all over the world. Their warm hospitality combined with beautiful scenic views and great food makes this a vacation spot that you shouldn't miss. Whether you rent a hotel room or use your RCI Timeshare it doesn't matter as long as you get to Australia. It's your chance to practice that Aussie accent that you have. Maybe you find a great resort to rent on a website for timeshare rentals. Surfers Paradise has you covered whether you travel as a couple or as a family. Until you're able to make your way "down under" we'll be sure to "throw another shrimp on the barbie for ya!"

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