The Basics of Teen Acne

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Acne is most prevalent in teens because at the start of puberty, the human body tends to produce the hormone, androgens. This hormone is responsible for the development in both boys and girls. Of course, boys produce more of androgens, and this explains the more severe acne attacks boys suffer from.

The oil glands in the follicles of our body produce sebum which travels onto the surface of the skin to provide protection to the skin and keep it smooth and soft. These oil glands tend to go into overdrive when androgens enter the picture by producing extra oil.

This oil clumps with dead skin cells found on the top layer of your skin to trap oil and bacteria inside it. With the continuous production of oil, the follicle tends to swell and in response, white blood cells form red painful bumps while offering protection to the skin. And it is these red bumps and black spots that are referred to as acne.

So it can be seen that acne in teenagers is not at all connected on what you eat, and how often you wash your face. So the best thing to do to control acne lies in preventing them from showing up in the first place.

The first thing to do is to wash your face twice a day with warm water and a mild cleanser to keep your face clean and to remove the excess oil the face produces. However as your skin needs some sebum to remain healthy, don't over wash as the glands only retaliate by producing more oil once again.

Though it is okay to exfoliate to control acne, make sure you use a gentle product having small and smooth grains. Don't use products with almond or apricot shell fragments as they may only irritate or tear your skin; and in turn, aggravate acne. It is very important that you avoid alcohol as they have high concentrations of isopropyl alcohol. Drinking alcohol ends up in the top layer of your skin getting stripped, wherein your glands start producing more oil. This again leads to dry and flaky skin and more blemishes.

Never squeeze or pick blemishes with pins, fingernails or other instruments as these only forces bacteria deeper into the skin. This leads to greater inflammation and infection and a higher possibility of a scar. Avoid touching or rubbing your face often or even resting your chin in your hands as this only drives bacteria into your pores.

If you wear makeup, make sure you buy make up that is oil free and non-comedogenic. Exercise the same caution when buying sunscreen and hair products too. Avoid hats and headbands as heat and friction between the headgear and your skin may cause acne flare-ups. Always shower as soon as you end exercising to maintain healthy and clean skin.

Most important, it is important that you adopt a skin cleansing regime, and stick to it using acne products that suit your skin. Acne is something you can't do anything about as the hormonal changes in your body is something you are not responsible for; you just have to try your best to prevent or control an outbreak with the right care and preventive measures.

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