The Relation Between Vitamin Supplements and Acne

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Acne is a skin condition that most people in the world tend to suffer from. There is no specific cause for the aggravation of acne; however research has proven that hormones play an important part in the frequency and type of acne attack you suffer from. There are also other factors that trigger acne and accordingly, there are different forms of treatments that help control acne.

One of the triggers and treatments for acne, that has not found an answer for so far is whether diet has an effect on acne or not; and if it does, what type of effect it has on the individual. It has always been thought that yes, diet has a link to acne. It was always thought that with a high fat diet, the increase in the oil in the complexion creates acne flare ups.

However research has proven that there is basically no relation between acne flare-ups and a diet that is rich in lipids or fats, and acne. Acne is basically caused by the bacterial growth that is trapped in the sebum found trapped in clogged pores. So there is actually nothing called excess oil secretion and it is with these results that it has been proven that there is no connection between acne and diet.

Research has found that it is basically a deficiency in the levels of Coenzyme A, the single most needed enzyme in the body. It is this Coenzyme A that breaks down fatty acids that create sebum and synthesizes sex hormones. The body does not produce Vitamin B5 on its own, which is a part of Coenzyme-A. So with a shortage of Vitamin B5, there is a shortage of Coenzyme-A, which leads to the body using Coenzyme-A to synthesize hormones and not to break down fatty acids. Once fatty acids are not broken down, there is a rise in the amount of fatty acids in the body, which leads to more sebum production and thus, more acne.

The next part of this research constituted the administration of 10 grams or more per day of pantothenic acid by the people suffering from acne. Along with this, a B5 topical cream that was 20% the weight was used on these people. With this treatment, a reduction in sebum production was noticed, along a reduction in the acne. Those suffering with extreme acne, a higher dose of B5 is suggested, along with prolonged treatment.

So with all this research, it can be seen that there is indeed a relation between taking vitamin supplements and acne. It is basically better for a person suffering from acne to take vitamin B5 supplements if you are looking for a herbal or natural cure for acne. With this treatment, there is no need of using products with chemicals like benzoyl peroxide and other prescription acne treatments. Of course, like any other medication, it is better to consult your doctor before starting on a vitamin B5 vitamin supplement regime.

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