What Caused My Acne?

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Acne is one of the most common skin disorder diseases. Millions of people worldwide get affected by it. Acne mostly appears with forms of pimples, whiteheads, blackheads or cysts. Although it is not a life threatening disease, it is an embarrassing one, especially for the young people who mostly care about their looks. It mainly appears on face, chest, upper arms and back.

Dealing with acne is not an easy process. It requires a serious amount of time and patience. Most people don't take action until their acne has become severe. In order to be in position to fight acne someone must certainly know the causes of it. That's why so many times I hear people asking what caused their acne. You have to take note of them because knowing them can help you prevent it or get rid of it while it's in the first stages.

Below there are some of the things which may have caused your acne:

1. Family history. If your family has a history with acne disease then there are big chances that you will face the same problem.
2. Hormonal imbalances. There are many cases when a person may face a hormonal disorder like puberty or pregnancy. This may lead to more production of sebum and acne.
3. Stress. Increased stress levels can lead to severe acne formations.
4. Improper diet. Eating too much of refined sugar, dairy products, white bread, soft drinks and soda can cause acne. Instead of them you should eat more fruits and vegetables and drink a lot of water. Studies have shown that high glycemic food can be an acne cause. Also vitamins play a big role. Less consumption of vitamins A, B, E can also cause acne breakouts.
5. Anabolic steroids can also lead to acne.
6. Cosmetics. Bad cosmetics can cause bacteria-laden pores thus leading to acne.

As you can see there are many things which may have led to the acne disease. Knowing them is a must so as to have better chances dealing with it. Your situation may be a complex mix of some of the above. You also have to remember that many people think dust and dirt can lead to acne but that's an absolutely myth.

After learning what caused your acne it's time to get rid of it. There are many treatments available which can help you treat it easily and quickly. Find out more below....

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