Your Honeymoon Does Not Have To Include Extensive Travel

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Weddings are something that we all look forward to and though we wish to skimp, we find it hard to do so, when it is something that we will remember all our lives. If you are creative, you can save costs without worrying about the expenses. An ideal choice is to honeymoon at home rather than taking a vacation to distant unknown territories.

When we refer to "home" we do not mean your house literally. You could remain in your vicinity or hometown, instead of travelling miles to be together. Honeymooners ideally like to spend their first few days together and the destination does not really matter. The cardinal rules when you stay in the locality are to ensure that you turn off your cell phone and do not contact your office!

You may be amazed to note that there are several things that you could do in your own hometown that you never had time for earlier. The honeymoon is the best time to enjoy your locality, as a tourist and do things that you never dreamt of doing.

One of the nicest things you could do is to check in at one of the fancy hotels near you home. It is worth the expense, as you have saved on the airfares, which can be quite a tidy sum. You can enjoy the hours that you spend in total isolation by getting to know each other, even if it means switching of the television!

This is the time to look your most alluring and charming. Take pains to wear exciting clothes and wear jewelry to set them off. Induce a romantic mood and to set the ambience, enjoy a candlelit dinner for two. Your husband may just surprise you with a little gift, such as an additional bit of jewelry to complete the wedding set that was presented earlier.

If you live in a big city, you can take advantage of the activities in the area. Visit a museum, enjoy a live show and stroll in your block at night, watching others sipping at their lattes. You could drive down to the next neighborhood, eat at a restaurant there and note landmarks, which will make the whole concept even more romantic.

If you live in the rural areas, you can enjoy skiing, snowshoeing or snowboarding with your new partner. If you are less inclined to athletics, you can take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage. Imaging the two of you sipping hot chocolate romantically by the fireside!

Several options are available in summer. Try kayaking or rafting or enjoy a ride on a bicycle that is built for two and head to a picnic spot in an isolated area.

It is important to remember that you do not have to splurge to have a great honeymoon. The main joy is being together and if you look around in your area, you are bound to come up with great options for a memorable honeymoon in your hometown while saving money on travel.

Matt K is an experienced travel who has been on the road non-stop for over five years and knows all the best places to say in the world.

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